What is SEO? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Helpfully Short Summary of SEO Marketing

So you search for details of a recent NBA deal or ask your phone to locate the nearest Italian restaurant. These searches will give results that are influenced by SEO.  This may bring up the question of “What is SEO?”. SEO or search engine optimization is influencing the online visibility of a website or webpage for a search engine’s natural, unpaid results. So, when a site ranks high in these results, they’ll get more visitors from search traffic. For site owners, these visitors translate to potential customers to target.

SEO targeting covers the massive ground in several types of searches. This would include but not limited to imagenews or video searches. Also, there’s a contrast between SEO which ranks results on a national/international scale and local SEO. With the latter, one can optimize their ranking in a region’s search engine result pages (SERP). Thus, one could target by geo-location whether they’re in Philadelphia, San Juan, or Saitama. Therefore, much of this depends on how an SEO campaign is optimized. There are two halves to the SEO optimization process, on-site and off-site. On-site includes having related content and good formatting throughout the site. In contrast, off-site involves having related sites or pages referring to your site via links. 

Overall, studying how search engine algorithms behave, along with ranking high in SERPs is the works of using SEO as a marketing strategy. Over the years SEO has seen many changes in part to Google’s evolving search algorithm. Plus, there are the changing habits of users who as of 2015 begun favoring mobile searches over desktop. Regardless of the changes, it’s a form of marketing more businesses are utilizing going forward. If you’re a business owner, will yours be one of them?